Apporteur d'affaires

carol b.

flag Johannesburg, South Africa
Secteur d'activité
Immobilier, transactions, ventes et services
Services aux entreprises, Marketing, formation

To support individuals and teams to develop skills and behaviours to achieve optimum performance for business now and in future by provision of accredited courses and world class service.

To create winners in the workplace that are informed, educated and inspired to reach their professional goals.

To consult with organisations to improve efficiency and effectiveness thus increasing their profitability.

My work experience in the training and development field spans over 15 years. I started working with Speciss College , i was with them for 5 years before relocating to South Africa in 2008.In 2009 I started working for Eltraining in Johannesburg as a business development consultant. It has been a most rewarding field since i got to network with professionals from various industries in South Africa and outside of South Africa.

I did my ordinary "o'level at the British school in India Chanakya Puri, India, then My A'levels i did at Ilsa college in Harare , Zimbabwe. On completion i did my lcci Marketing with career Management Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Then an effective sales workshop in Johannesburg.

I would like to meet and network with other professionals, as well as be in a position to assist in areas where they need our help with regards to skills development. Our footage is international, either we go to them or they come to our workshops

  • Mailing list compilation and mailing services
  • Packaging services
  • Training and re-training courses, business, commerce, administration
  • Training and re-training courses, medical, health, safety
  • Training and re-training courses, industrial technology
  • Office administrative, office support and other business support services
  • Education services
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