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As a family firm specialized in accounting, taxation, legal administration and business consulting, we are committed to offering you a dedicated contact. Our specialized and in-depth knowledge in the Commercial, Soparfi, Private Equity, SPF and Real Estate businesses is made available to SMBs, self-employed individuals, large companies and those in liberal professions. Our mission is to provide you with the advice and necessary support to best manage your business in a context of our increasingly complex modern economy.

As each customer is unique, we believe attentiveness is essential in order to identity your actual needs. That is why we would like to meet you and perform a detailed and precise analysis before entering any service relationship. At your service, we desire to work with you in an environment offering trust and peace of mind.

After several years of experience in the field, we have found that one of the major concerns is providing quality, precise and methodical work, while respecting deadlines. FIDELUX SERVICES makes every effort to offer complete satisfaction. It goes without saying that deadlines cannot be respected except with due diligence–the necessary hard work of all parties. Reactivity means not only being organized to handle emergencies, but also anticipating your needs. Lastly, reactivity is a sign of professionalism!

In a constantly evolving world, FIDELUX SERVICES cares about respecting the accounting, fiscal and legal disciplines. That is why verification procedures are put in place at every key step, to anticipate any problems beforehand. The precision of our work is at the core of our focus.

Ethics and moral standards guide the way we work and provide support. Integrity creates credibility.

Chartered Accounting

In Luxembourg, the main tasks of the chartered accountant include bookkeeping for companies, commercial businesses and financial firms, carrying out all of the administrative and tax formalities required by law.

His profession consists primarily of organizing, correcting and evaluating the bookkeeping and accounts of all kinds, preparing balance sheets and analyzing the position and operation of companies and organizations. Therefor he uses means of technical accounting methods, with respect to their various economic and financial aspects.

In Luxembourg, the chartered accountant intervenes, in particular, at the time of the establishment of annual accounts (they will also verify inventory entries) and preparation of tax returns (VAT, CIT, MBT and withholding tax, etc.).

Whenever the type of company requires it (SPF), the chartered accountant may establish “no objection certificates” provided for by Luxemburg law.

In Luxembourg, the chartered accountant also intervenes as professional for the companies’ places of incorporation, tax advice, or as the authorized depository of bearer shares.

We want to know your business in detail in order to have a comprehensive vision and communicate in a transparent way by using vocabulary and speech that you understand.

With our open-mindedness, we are able to challenge ourselves and adapt our methods, or even adopt new ones to improve our performance.

We like to be up-to-date on the latest developments in legal, fiscal and accounting matters in order to best serve your interests and inform you about any major changes.


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